Altumbel was a peninsula on the Sea of Fallen Stars. It neighbored Aglarond and includes the Archipelago of Altumbel.

Altumbel was a harsh and unforgiving land, which included the maze-like archipelago of the Thousand Swords. Most of these isles were desolate and rocky, covered with low scrub and lichen, but some were fairly large, with Ghevden as the largest. One-third of Altumbel's people lived scattered over the barren Swords. Pirates harried the islands, but many hailed from the Swords themselves—raiding one's neighbors was something of a local tradition.

Altumbel and its archipelago were almost entirely devoid of woods. The people here didn't care for trees, which reminded them of the Yuirwood's half-elves. Most made their living from the sea, either netting fish or trapping shellfish. The land was rocky and unforgiving, not much good for farming, although some sheltered dells were suitable for gardening. These sun-warmed and wind-protected valleys usually had springs and the occasional cave.

Spandeliyon, the capital of the region, was once known as the City of Pirates. In the days immediately prior to the Spellplague, however, the Simbul's harsh punishment of pirates had put lie to that name. Few dared to brave the lady's wrath, even in a city so far from her home in Velprintalar.

Beyond the rocky, fog-cloaked northern shores of Altumbel—and all Aglarond, in fact—the sea quickly dropped off into a deep trench. The seasonal upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich waters made this place a fisher's paradise.

Navy and seafaringEdit

The names of vessels from Altumbel were based on the goods they carried, like Spicesail or Timberhold.[2]




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