Alustriel's banner was a wizard spell created by Alustriel Silverhand. This spell was popular among armies and mercenary bands for its battlefield practicality.[1][2]


The spell created a banner of any desired size or shape to appear where the caster wished. The banner could even glow, illuminating the surrounding area similar to a light spell. The banner was accompanied by loud fanfare. The fanfare only lasted for a minute, but could be dismissed whenever the caster desired.[1][2]

If present, the fanfare was a tune heard previously by the caster played by horns. Likewise, the banner's decoration needed to be something seen by the caster at some point in their life.[1][2]

This spell could be used to trick others into believing they were encountering a ghost or other watchful guardian. By far the most popular use of this spell was as a rallying call on the battlefield.[1][2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a real trumpet to cast. Acceptable substitutions for a trumpet included other horns or smaller models made from other materials.[1][2]



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