Alustriel's improved mantle was a wizard spell from the school of evocation created by Alustriel Silverhand.[1][2]


This spell enveloped the caster or a target they touched with a protective magical field. By default this protective field was invisible but could be made to appear a different color and even with effects like shimmering if the caster wished.[1][2]

The improved mantle warded the target from all mundane weapons and many magical ones as well. It also protected against all medium-powered spells or effects from magic items.[1][2]

If this spell came into contact with another improved mantle or Alustriel's regular mantle, then both protected targets were wracked with a dreadfully painful chaotic force which would stun them as the mantles collapsed.[1][2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required as material components a gem worth at least 50 gp and a vial of air that the caster breathed into and stoppered at least one day before casting the spell to cast.[1][2]



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