Aluvauna Thornym was the founder and one of the leaders of the Guardians of the Weave in 1374 DR.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Aluvauna was just an adventuring wizard from Waterdeep until 1371 DR when a Zhent shadow adept put her in great danger. Discovering the Shadow Weave, Aluvauna was shocked and decided that she needed to do something to protect the Weave. So she founded the Guardians of the Weave with help from her allies and the blessing of the Church of Mystra in order to protect the Weave and oppose the Shadow Weave.

In time, wizards devoted to Mystra or Azuth and hailing from many places, even from far Halruaa, joined her ranks. After a year, the faiths of Deneir, Isis, Savras, Selûne, and the elf and gnome magic deities granted their support to her group. Finally, Aluvauna found herself leading a large network and soon she nominated a representative for each city.

By 1374 DR, Aluvauna's goal was to also attract devotees of Velsharoon and progressive Red Wizards of Thay.[2]

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