Alzegund the Trader (pronounced: /ɑːlzɛˈgʌndahl-zeh-GUND[2]) was an evoker and an agent of the Red Wizards of Thay who posed as a friendly merchant on his travels.[3]


Alzegund appeared as an old, battle-scarred wizard who proudly displayed his nation's distinctive wizard garb.[3]


Among Alzegund's possessions were a bag of tricks, bracers of defence +6, a cloak of protection +1 and a wand of lightning.[1]


Born into the noble Agneh clan of Thay, Alzegund arose in power just as his family erupted in violence. Studying quietly away from his parents, he was spared when they were murdered by familial rivals. He bid his time long enough to take his revenge on the man that killed his family. He left Thay the next day avoiding any retaliation by acting as a spy on behalf of the Red Wizards.[3]

Alzegund kept in the good graces of his superiors, following the orders of then-Zulkir Aznar Thrul. While he has since sought out power on his own, there have been rumors that he had been since killed by a rival. Due to his constant traveling and the secrecy that is required for his task as a spy, these reports have yet to be confirmed.[3]

In 1364 DR, he was murdered by unknown assailants.[4]




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