Amaara Nharimlur was the fourth High Mage of Silverymoon[1][2][3] and the first female ruler of that city.[1][4] She was one of the three women responsible for the creation of the wondrous Moonbridge.[1]


High Lady Mage Amaara was recognized for her golden hair, for which she was sometimes dubbed Amaara "Goldentresses".[1][3][4]


Amaara was a powerful mage, with magics strong enough to take on a dragon single-handedly.[1]


Amaara was the daughter of High Mage Ederan Nharimlur,[1][2][3][4] a former nobleman of the city before assuming the High Mage's seat.[1] Her mother was an elven princess and refugee from Myth Drannor named Elénaril. Amaara was their eldest child, and she had two siblings, a brother Elderan after his father and a sister Lynnàsha.[1]

Amaara had been betrothed to Tilimarin Forestheart, a half-elf like her, but he died three days before their wedding, and she never chose to marry another.[1]

Amaara and her sister Lynnàsha were both very close with Alustriel Silverhand, although most at that time knew her by a different name, that of Elué.[1][2][4]


High Lady Amaara Nharimlur was born in the Year of the Gliding Man, 738 DR.[3] She inherited the seat of power of Silverymoon from her father upon his death in 784 DR.[1][2][3][4]

801 DR was to have been the year that Amaara married her fiancé Tilimarin, but the captain was slain by a green dragon. Amaara herself took revenge on the wyrm, destroying it with her powerful magics and having its hide crafted into the border of a tapestry that she had commissioned in memory of her beloved.[1]

In 843 DR, Amaara joined with Elué, her sister, and three other wizards to craft the Moonbridge over the River Rauvin, replacing the original stone bridge.[1]

After a long reign, Amaara voluntarily stepped down from her leadership and passed control of Silverymoon to her friend Elué in the year 857 DR.[1][2][5] Amaara and her mother Elénaril journeyed far to the west to the island of Evermeet,[1][2] where Amaara become one of the few non-elves allowed to step on the island.[1][5] She died on Evermeet in 942 DR.[3]




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