Amaeraszantha was an amethyst dragon in 1359 DR.[1]


Amaeraszantha spent her time swimming and basking in a lake in the ruined city of Tempus's Tears. If someone came across her while she was in the water she tried to play dead. On other occasions, Amaeraszantha polymorphed into a human girl posing as a sacrifice to the dragon. To eat, she waited until dark and went to eat fish on the Sword Coast or in winter on the Shining Sea.[1]


Amaeraszantha's passion and mission was to acquire knowledge and amusement from the little creatures of Faerûn. She considered the fish of the lake her private property and considered them a value food resource. She disliked dragon-slayers and Cult of the Dragon members. However, Amaeraszantha found both Harpers and Zhentarim to be fonts of amusement.[1]


Once Amaeraszantha met the bard Mintiper Moonsilver, who coined her nickname, "the Great Wyrm of the Tears". She had befriended the Witches of Rashemen, Alustriel Silverhand, the Simbul, and many other powerful spellcasters.[1]



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