Amaront of Selgaunt was a young mage of Selgaunt in Sembia. His primary area of research was creating spells that used gems as foci. Using a gem as the focus for the magic made it difficult to trace a spell back to the caster.[1]


In 1479 DR, Amaront was approached by a Tethyrian officer named Storl Thammuraster ,who was investigating the adulteration of Oraundas Haeltower's wines. Someone had been placing objects such as gold rings and gems into bottles of the wine and the Queen wanted to get to the bottom of what the Tethyrians believed to be a smuggling operation.[1]

Amaront and Storl traveled throughout the region investigating wine merchants. Amaront was able to use his foci spell to cause any foreign objects in unopened wine bottles to emit a sound or glow that helped to identify the suspect bottles. However, while in Athkatla, Amaront accidentally blew up Daranthur's Hall, killing dozens of traders, apparently because a very large number of wine bottles reacted to his spell. Amaront was seriously injured in the incident.[1]


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