Amarune Lyone Armala Whitewave was a human rogue living in Suzail in the late 15th century DR.[1]



Amarune lived in Marsember as a child. Her father, a war wizard, was murdered along with the rest of her family and Amarune barely escaped Marsember with her life.[1]


She settled in Suzail and at some point learned the skills of a rogue. She became a reasonably accomplished burglar and acquired the nickname Silent Shadow. To supplement her income from thievery, she worked as a nude mask dancer at the private Dragonriders Club, occasionally doing more than just dancing for her customers. It was at this club that she met the nobleman Arclath Delcastle, who was one of her most ardent admirers.[1]

In the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, in the days prior to an important council of nobles, Arclath and Amarune blundered around Suzail, slowly uncovering a plot by Manshoon and his flunky Marlin Stormserpent to destroy Elminster and seize the crown for Manshoon. Elminster contacted Amarune and revealed himself as her distant ancestor. Elminster intended to train Amarune to be his successor but before he was able to begin the training, his physical body was destroyed by Manshoon. Amarune agreed to allow Storm Silverhand to cast magic to transfer Elminster's consciousness into her mind and, for a time, Amarune and Elminster shared her body.[1]

At some point before 1487 DR, Amarune became one of the Chosen of Mystra and (possibly along with Arclath) the protégé of Storm Silverhand. Storm trained her in the simpler aspects of her Chosen abilities to prepare her for the potential deaths of senior Chosen during the struggles against Shar and the Shadovar during the Second Sundering.[2]


She was Elminster's great-great granddaughter through Narnra Shalace. Although she had grown up hearing family stories about their relationship to Elminster, she never really believed the tales.[1]

Amarune and Arclath became lovers when their relationship progressed beyond merely prostitute and client.[1]


Amarune was very attractive with large, dark eyes and black hair.[1]




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