Amasal was an enchanted sword that was once carried by the elf hero Gaeleath.[1]


Amasal's blade was forged from a black and greenish metal.[1]


It was a +4 broadsword. Amasal's wielder was able to choose any of the following spell-like powers to use: lightning bolt, anti-magic shell, death spell, spell turning, and incendiary cloud. They could use these powers up to three times per day. These spell-like powers were used as if cast by an exceptionally skilled wizard.[1]

Amasal's powers only functioned when within a mile of its twin blade Thael.[1]


The sword was carried into battle by Gaeleath and his twin brother against a horde of gnolls to defend Illefarn. The brothers perished during the battle, but Amasal was later recovered and brought to Taltempla.[1]



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