Amaunator's eternal sun was an application of epic magic.[1]


The spell created a false sun more than 2 miles (3,22 km) overhead with a subtending of 0.5° like the sun and shone with the brightness of high noon. It completely covered up the real sun for anybody within 150 miles (241 km) making it impossible to see for the spell's duration, meaning forever.[1]

The false sun's apparent size did not change no matter how far a person went away from it, but the position got ever lower until it sank behind the horizon past the 150 miles limit of the spell's range.[1]


Amaunator's eternal sun was an epic spell. Casting it took somatic, verbal components, eleven minutes, and a total of 194 spellcasters of varying strength with one principal caster among them whose skill at spellcasting determined whether the casting succeeded at all.[1]


Amaunator's eternal sun was developed by Daelegoth Orndeir in 1374 DR. The leader of the Brotherhood of the Glorious Sun embraced the Risen Sun heresy, a particularly radical thought school within the sect according to which Lathander was not just the reincarnation of Amaunator but was soon to be return to his supposed true self.[2]

Daelegoth's came up with the idea to create a false sun and claim it as a divine sign that Amaunator's return was nigh. His hope was that people would fall for it and flock to his sect and rapidly turn his sect's idea into the acknowledged mainstream dictates of the church of Lathander, ideally causing the deity himself to change. He succeeded at developing the spell in Deepwinter of 1374 DR, spending 603,000 gp for the research, as well as casting it in Midsummer of the same year. His plan worked out and people started to join the "church of Amaunator".[3]



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