Capital of the old kingdom of Anauria, Amazandar was known as the City of Gems.[1]

Geography[edit | edit source]

Amazandar lied west of the Desertsmouth Mountains. Due west of the peak, Rausrawna (known as Mount Shaddath to citizens of Anauria)[2].

Trade[edit | edit source]

Amazandar, as the capital of Anauria, dominated trade between Anauria, Asram, and Hlondath. The city lay above gem rich veins reached by numerous deep shafts and tunnels[1].

History[edit | edit source]

Founded about −339 DR, the city would eventually have to contend with the encroaching Anauroch desert[3]. In 111 DR, pressures from the encroaching desert combined with large raids of goblins led by the orc shaman Andegril the Wise, caused the collapse of the kingdom of Anauria. Its survivors melted away into the surrounding kingdoms, melded into nomadic tribes or perished in the harsh conditions[4].

Rumors and Legends[edit | edit source]

Beneath the city lies the fabulous tomb of King Thausimbel the Wise and his daughter, Queen Shaddara the Fair. (The ruins are actually covering the keystone of a portal network for the old kingdom of Anauria, with its other side being located in the Dungeon of Swords in the Serpent Kingdoms[2].

References[edit | edit source]

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