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Amber was a trusted scout of Khelben Arunsun who was sent to investigate the mysterious Darkmoon temple in 1358 DR.[1]


When suspicions arose around Temple Darkmoon, Amber was sent out by Khelben the Blackstaff to investigate the area. She managed to get into the evil temple by ambushing a new convert and stealing her identity. After this, she made it to the second level of the temple, then drafted a letter to Khelben about what she had found out. In her letter, she detailed that the clerics there completely deceived the surrounding populace, making people believe them to be gentle and kind. However, Amber found that they were secretly amassing an army of undead warriors.[1]

Amber, under the guise of an initiate to the temple, underwent a test to become a full member of Darkmoon, to infiltrate further. She believed she was more than competent to pass, but died before completing the test.[1]

Three days after Amber had set off, Khelben had heard no word from her. Thus, he assigned the Heroes of Waterdeep to personally infiltrate Darkmoon. They may have found the corpse of Amber, and resurrected her.[1]



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