The amber acorns of the Moonwood Circle was the name for a type of necklace made by the druids who lived in the Moonwood forest.[1]


The necklace appeared as four acorns carved from amber, strung together with a cord that resembled interwoven roots. Each acorn contained a small piece of elemental matter, one for each of the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water.[1]


Prior to their disappearance in 1305 DR, following a series of conflicts with the People of the Black Blood known as the Beast Wars, the druids of the Moonwood had set up a series of caches of magical items across what was then called the Silver Marches. The most well-known of these items were the amber acorn necklaces.[1]


Once per day, the wearer of this necklace could cast summon nature's ally VI and conjure forth a creature attuned to each elemental type. Each elementally attuned acorn had one daily charge, allowing for four creatures to be summoned.[1]



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