Ambrosia was a liquid that was the physical manifestation of pure joy.[1][2][3] It was the only thing on which the tome archons of Mount Celestia subsisted.[1][3]


Ambrosia acted as a druglike substance to mortals. It worked like a soothing pain-killer and healing agent. Beyond this, it helped to quench feelings of grief and sadness for a period of up to five hours. It was not addictive.[3] The priest Barjin once claimed that a single tasting of ambrosia would have the lingering effect of causing wine to taste more sweet for the rest of one's life, but he may not have been a reliable source.[5] Other scholars believed that repeated consumption—a dose every one to four days—would permit a mortal to live forever.[4]


Ambrosia was used as food in the layers of the Seven Heavens.[2]

If a spellcaster were casting a fundamentally good spell using ambrosia as an optional material component, the resulting spell would behave as if the spellcaster were more powerful.[2]

Ambrosia could also be used in the creation of more common magic items, substituting for a tiny portion of the life experience usually required of the item-creator.[3]


Ambrosia could be created by mere mortals by use of a magic spell[2][3] that could be cast by both arcane and divine spellcasters.[3] The spell required the caster to touch someone in the thralls of pure bliss—be it from someone hopelessly in love, deep in a happy dream, creating an artistic masterpiece, or experiencing intense sexual satisfaction. Provided the spellcaster had a vial or other small container present, the joy would materialize within the container as ambrosia.[3]

Vials of ambrosia could be purchased for between 200[2] and 300[4] gold pieces.


After the Time of Troubles, when visiting Oghma in the House of Knowledge, Mystra was offered a decanter of ambrosia to drink, but she refused it.[6]


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