Amduscias (pronounced: /ɑːmˈdsiɑːzsɛam-DOO-see-azse[2]) was an archdevil duke who served Tiamat.[1][3]


Amduscias was a natural shapechanger who could change between three forms at will. He did not wear armor in any form.[1]

In his first form, Amduscias appeared as a dirty-yellow unicorn with a purple horn and eyes like flames. In his second form, he was humanoid with a hawk-like head, typically wearing black or dark-red robes. His beak was long and hummingbird-like, and he was ambidextrous.[1]

His third form was the one he preferred to fight in. In it, he appeared as a wolf with a prehensile, serpentine tail.[1]


Like all archdevils, Amduscias had an array of magical powers he could use at will. Additionally, he was an able fighter in any of his three forms. He could speak and understand any language perfectly.[1]


Amduscias was a duke in the service of Tiamat and led 29 companies of abishai. He was also a good negotiator and actor, and frequently acted as a mediator.[1]



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