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Amie Fern was a female human wizard of the village of West Harbor on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.


Amie Fern appearance

Amie's appearance

Amie was a long-time friend of the one known as the Kalach-Cha, and both had been orphaned during the battle with the King of Shadows. Amie preferred to spend time with the Kalach-Cha and Bevil Starling, even considering them to be a family better than Tarmas is.


Intelligent and pretty, Amie spent much of her time reading in Tarmas's library, and thus typically avoided the attentions of other boys in the village. When Tarmas was attacked, she rushed to protect him, proving her loyalty to him.[1]


Neverwinter Nights 2Edit

Amie's parents were not originally from West Harbor but, nonetheless, they remained to defend the village during the battle with the King of Shadows around 1359 DR. Unfortunately, they were killed in the battle that nearly destroyed West Harbor and Amie was orphaned. Afterward, the wizard Tarmas raised Amie and tutored her in the use of magic, adopting her as his apprentice. According to Tarmas, Amie had strong magic within her blood, and he believed she might be of Luskan descent.

She had expressed interest in leaving West Harbor once she finished up her apprenticeship and traveling the Realms while recording all she saw.

Amie vs. Githyanki

Amie's casts her last spell

Unfortunately, Amie was killed by a githyanki mage during the attack on West Harbor in 1374 DR, after she tried to aid Tarmas against the gith.[1]

Mask of the BetrayerEdit

When the Kalach-Cha went to reclaim its soul, Amie appeared in Kalach-Cha's dream land as an illusion.[2]



Amie is voiced by Stephanie D'Abruzzo.



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