Amlakkar were the city watch or police force for Calishite towns and cities.[1]


The amlakkar (singular, amlak) were composed of indentured servants. Every drudach was assigned a dozen or more amlakkar under the leadership of a yuzas and chawal. Each yuzas in turn reported to the city's sultan or the sultan's advisers as well as to the local druzir.[1]


The amlakkar had the lowest status among the armed forces of Calimshan. Their duties were to see to the peace and protection of the drudach to which they were assigned.[1]

The AmlakkhanEdit

The headquarters/barracks for the amlakkar of each druzir was known as an amlakkhan. A typical amlakkhan was two stories tall and built at the intersection of drudach walls. The upper levels had balconies from which amlakkar could observe activities, firing arrows down on criminals if necessary. The first level contained prison cells and the barracks; the second level contained the quarters for the officers and the armories.[2]


A typical amlakkar force would be outfitted with scimitars, spears, longbows, daggers, and nets. Amlakkhan usually also contained an assortment of magical items, for example, magical scimitars or longbows or wands of paralyzation or lightning.[2]


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