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Ammaratha Cyndusk was a song dragon, and the mother of Narnra Shalace by Elminster.[2]


Early life[]

Ammaratha's early life was not known; what was known about her came mainly by way of Elminster and their daughter Narnra.[speculation]

Around 1300 DR, Ammaratha adventured in the form of a human sorceress, using the pseudonym Maerjanthra Shalace.[3] She eventually settled in Waterdeep, where she became a jeweler for the nobility, and became known as Lady Maerjanthra of the Gems.[4]

During this time, she became one of Elminster's many occasional lovers. Eventually, she decided to bear him a child, which presented a problem: as a Chosen of Mystra, Elminster had conscious control over his own fertility.[citation needed] She decided to go to her lover's fellow Chosen, Khelben Arunsun, to get a spell to let her conceive. Arunsun at first refused, but then the goddess Mystra herself intervened, commanding the Blackstaff to grant the request.[citation needed]

Life in Cormyr[]

After fleeing Waterdeep, she settled in the city of Marsember in Cormyr, where she took the name Lady Joysil Ambrur, presenting herself as a wealthy Sembian merchant noble.[5]

15th century[]

She was last seen with former Mage Royal Vangerdahast, when she voluntarily committed herself to stasis in draconic form alongside him. This was part of a plan by Vangerdahast to bind willing metallic dragons in an extra-dimensional space, replacing the fallen Lords Who Sleep as the hidden guardians of Cormyr.[citation needed]

She remained in stasis with Vangey, later joined also by Myrmeen Lhal, until a large army of shadovar arcanists led by a prince of shade attacked their resting place. During the battle, the shadovar were defeated thanks to the ghost of Alusair Obarskyr. but Ammaratha died in the fighting.[6]


In Marsember, as Joysil Ambrur, she dwelled at the Haelithtorntowers mansion.[7]