Ammathluir was an important trading hub in Luiren in the Shining South.[1]


Ammathluir was situated south of the Long Forest in western Luiren.[1][2]


Though it boasted a population of 10,000 halflings, only a small fraction of the buildings of Ammathluir were found above ground, leading travelers to believe the city was just a simple village. Most of the population resided within halfoles underground.[1]

A temple to Yondalla was built into the side of a hill in Ammathluir.[1]


Many skilled woodcarvers and tradesmen lived in Ammathluir, drawing caravans from the nearby Great Trade Way.[1]


Luiren traded salbread, Luiren Stout, and various carved wooden items with Dambrath and the surrounding nations of the Shining South.[1]

Armed ForcesEdit

At least a dozen halfling whistlers lived in Ammathluir, helping to keep the city safe from wild animal attacks.[1]



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