Ammathtar was a city located in northeastern Dambrath,[1] along the western border of southern Lluirwood near the Caravan Road.[2]


Ammathtar was located between the Granuin forest on the east and the Trader's Way on the west.[1]



Foreign travelers entering Ammathtar, including all adventurers, had to bribe an official with 100 gp each in order to enter the city.[1] Prices for goods was discounted for crinti but inflated for every other race. A small percentage of all business transactions when to the city coffers, helping to fund a strong army.[1]

The largest horse pens in all of Dambrath were found in Ammathtar, holding upward of 5,000 prized steeds.[1]


An army of 1,000 heavy cavalry and 50 wizards defended Ammathtar from attack.[1]


Ammathtar was founded as a trading center[2] as it was more tolerant than other areas of Dambrath.Thus was due to the amiable human traders and halflings from Luiren.[1]

Some time before 1372 DR, the entire population of the city was killed by something from the nearby Lluirwood forest. While some of the city was razed, the majority of the buildings still stood. Whatever force came from the woods, remained in the city after it's cleansing.[2]



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