The ammut was a horrifying creature which inhabited Zakhara and performed judgments over sinners.[1]


These creatures were a cross between a crocodile, a lioness, and a hippopotamus in mannish form. Their tail and legs were like a crocodile, belly and neck were from a hippo, and they had lionlike arms and head. The typical ammut was 12 ft (3.7 m) in length.[1]


Ammuts were gluttonous creatures that always wanted to eat. They were very fat, and often tunneled passages into tombs and burial grounds.[1]


Usually ammut used their fangs and claws to hurt prey. They would unexpectedly attack from underground and kill their victims very quickly. The keen eyes of an ammut gave it the power to see creatures within the Ethereal Plane. Ammut hunt individuals with evil in their souls. In battle, ammuts issued a hideous roar which could be heard for miles.[1]


Ammuts avoided people by living in caves, mountains, and other uninhabited places. Many tribes of ammut would make their homes close to evil societies. The ammut were ruled by a matriarchy where the word of a female was law, although not all males obeyed. Their tribal rule was the strongest and capable female could suppress any uprising or subdue recalcitrant males. Ammuts ate the cursed souls of evil people. While the ammut could eat the material body, most devoured a person's strength or energy.[1]



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