Amnic Basult was a male Chondathan human in the town of Wheloon in Cormyr in the 1370s DR. He was the proprietor of Basult's Books, and was the only bookseller in town.[1]


Amnic was the husband of Mela Basult. The two were heard to have loud arguments, but Mela firmly believed her husband still loved her.[1]


In the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, Amnic visited the new Temple of Mystra in town and took a pamphlet, but doubted whether the goddess Mystra truly supported the priests there.[1]

Early in the month of Eleint, Amnic went missing; he was last seen in his shop, where signs of a scuffle could be found. Mela was distraught and sought someone to help, but the militia of the Wheloon Watch did not investigate such cases. Neighbors, meanwhile, rumored Amnic had left his wife, either taking a few days away or taking up with another woman. Mela, meanwhile, tried to manage the bookshop in Amnic's absence.[1] [note 1]

Eventually, on Eleint 6, adventurers discovered that the temple was actually a front for priests of Shar and Cyric to kidnap magic-users and spirit them away to the Vast Swamp for some nefarious purpose.[2][3] Investigators found Amnic's headless body along with two others in a torture chamber beneath the false temple, identified by his possessions. To quell his suspicions, the false priests or their agents had evidently kidnapped Amnic. Not a magic-user himself, Amnic had been tortured to death on a rack by Deinyn Fembrys, then beheaded and his head stuffed and mounted in the mad priest's room.[4] Mela was informed of her husband's fate.[2] [note 2]



  1. This is the second of the opening adventure hooks offered by the adventure module, but The Grand History of the Realms mentions "adventurers in service of Mystra", suggesting the first, involving Tunaster Dranik, is the canonical case.
  2. Page 20 of the module suggests Amnic was one of those who undertook the "Mystra's Sacred Rite" at the false temple, but as this begins voluntarily, this seems at odds with him being abducted, and is presumed to be in error. It may be that he was kidnapped, dominated by the Starry Gnosis, added to the group of abductees, then separated with Duncan and Kenniwick.


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