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Amnwater was a small city on the Eshpurta Road between Crimmor and Keczulla, in Amn.[1] Until 1107 DR, Amnwater was simply a tavern. After this time, it became a village of farmers and caravan drovers.[3]

As of 1368 DR, the population was about 7,500 permanent residents, although this number increased to 15,000 in the summer, and to 26,000 when harvests and caravan runs took place.[1]

As of 1368 DR, the town was spread out and surrounded by low stone walls, with large gates to control trade traffic, and smaller gates for pedestrians.[4]

Notable locations[]

The Gilded Spur 
The largest inn in Amnwater as of 1368 DR, owned and operated by the Yhliivast family.[4]
The Lake Spirits 
A three storey inn and bathhouse with luxurious beds, owned and run by Tehrinna.[4]
The Prayer Stone 
A large granite slab that acts as a multi-faith temple for the town.[4]