Amoria was the first, or topmost, layer of Elysium. It was one of the most welcoming places of the Outer Planes and the marshaling center for the forces of the guardinals.[2] The layer also contained the divine realms of Ishtar, Isis, and Hathor, according to the Great Wheel cosmology.[3][4]


The layer had an extremely mild climate, with only modest differences between seasons. Its rolling meadows and woodlands hosted an enormous variety of wildlife and birds. All colors and sounds appeared deeper and more intense.[2][3]

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Most of the layer's towns were located along the banks of the Oceanus, which was intensively used as a route of transportation and trade. Amoria was the last layer visited by the river before it continued on to the Beastlands[2][3]

Notable LocationsEdit


The layer was inhabited by the leaders of the guardinals, who used the layer as a base from which to direct their forces against evil, including sending rescue missions to the Lower planes to recover captives of evil beings.[2]



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