Amorphous form was a transmutation spell that changed the target into a boneless mass.[1][3]


As mentioned above, on casting amorphous form, the target, who was touched by the caster, became a boneless mass with a fluidity that resembled an ooze. The target's belongings were also affected. The target lost none of his or her agility and could still move. Its new fluid body allowed the target to enter narrow spaces of up to 2 inches (5 centimeters). It also gained the ability to move freely and without having to breathe in water.[1][3]

While in this form, the target was completely immune to poison, form-changing magic, and stunning effects. The target lacked a discernible anatomy and they were impossible to effectively flank.[1][3]

The spell had a number of downsides. While under the effect of amorphous form, the target could not attack or cast spells that required any somatic, material, and verbal components or foci.[1][3]


Amorphous form required somatic and material components. If cast as a spell of divine magic, it required a divine focus. The material component was a pinch of gelatin.[1] On casting the spell, the gelatin was sprayed on the target.[3]


By the 14th century DR, the church of Ghaunadaur managed to convert the amorphous form spell into one that was possible to cast by Ghaunadaur's clerics who were introduced to their faith's secrets.[2]


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