Amphail was a village on the Long Road.[1]


It had a population of 600, supporting 250 more in outlying farms. The population was mostly humans, but there were elves, half-elves and a smattering of dwarves and halflings.[1]


Amphail was named after one of Waterdeep's early warlords, Amphail the Just, who had estates here.[2]


The village was three days' ride north of Waterdeep.[2]


Its main trade was growing food for Waterdeep, but it was also known for its outstanding horses (Amphail Grays and glossy black chargers), and due to this it suffered from the stench of horse manure during the warmer months.[1]

The wealthier inhabitants or landowners of Amphail were generally the ones who bred horses. The largest horse breeder was the Roaringhorn family of Waterdeep, but others included Amcathra, Ilzimmer, Jhansczil, and Tarm, as well as individual breeders Rorth Baldasker, Ohm Oglyntyr, and Elraghona Selember. Although not breeders, the Eagleshield family made tack for the horses and operated a farm for the treatment of sick animals.[1]


The village had no standing militia of its own, but benefited from Waterdhavian guards who patrolled from Rassalantar.[1]


The spirit of Amphail the Just, called the "Ghost of Amphail," was said to patrol the streets.[1]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

The village was led by Lord Warder Briiathor Alougarr, a muscular Tethyrian loyal to Piergeiron the Paladinson. Also notable were the 8-ft-tall (244 cm) Dlara, a Chultan wrestler; Mother Gothal who ran Mother Gothal's, a festhall; and Krivvin Shamblestar, the proprietor of The Stag-Horned Flagon.[3]

Notable locationsEdit


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