The Ampners were a noble family from the city of Ravens Bluff during the 14th century DR. They were widely regarded as undistinguished among the aristocracy, and saw their moderate wealth wane during the early 1370s DR. They maintained a small troupe of servants, who doubled as guards, but were sure to employ three expertly skilled archers at any given time.[1]

There were rumors that the Ampners acted as fences for pirates who smuggled goods into the city docks.[1]

Their family motto was "Virtue never unrewarded".[1]



Historically, the family's holdings were in farming, mills, and vineyards. They were known to have invested in wineries in the Dalelands and a glass bottling company in Tulbegh.[1] They owned a number of grand residences within their home city, such as the Talontrumpets manor in the Southside District,[2] as well as Marlgates and the Alambaler House, which had been converted into apartment housing for residents of the Skymbles neighborhood.[3]


After the passing of the house's former lord, Urgrave Raedrin, stewardship of the family's holdings passed down to the young Lord Noldron. While other members of House Ampner seemed to lose interest in the family business, amidst the loss of crops to blight in the 1360s DR, Noldron Ampner focused his attention on buying properties and shares of businesses within Ravens Bluff proper.[1]



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