Amstor the Grim was a halfling cleric of Arvoreen that worked as a priest and administrator at Holyhands House in the North Ward of Waterdeep in the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR. He and his two brothers were known as the Defenders Three.[1][2]


Amstor put on a large amount of weight after he retired from adventuring and guard duty.[1]


In his youth, Amstor was a lighthearted fellow, but a betrayal by a lover during his adventuring days changed his outlook and he acquired the nickname "the Grim".[1]


Amstor had his own style of defensive fighting that utilized a staff or a rod to keep enemies at bay and then vault onto them, overbalancing and knocking them prone. He taught this technique to other young (usually short) clerics. He and his trainees were a popular attraction at the Field of Triumph when they demonstrated for the crowd.[1]


He worked at the Plinth before he made the acquaintance of Lord Ultas Maernos in the late 1360s DR. Amstor was impressed by the noble's faith and the enemies he had made on behalf of the demihumans of Waterdeep, so he persuaded his brothers to join him and seek employment with House Maernos as bodyguards.[1] Before Lord Maernos passed away, the noble convinced the Lord's Court to allow his estate to be converted into a temple of worship for the non-humans of Waterdeep,[3] and by 1372 DR, the former Maernos villa was known as Holyhands House. Amstor and his brothers became the administrators of the temple.[2]


The Defenders Three were considered friends of the Harpers because, in their service to Lord Maernos, they delivered packages and messages to various Harper agents in Baldur's Gate, Luskan, and Mirabar. The trio hoped to be invited to become full-fledged Harpers.[1]


Amstor initially worked in his family's businesses in the Southern Ward where they had a wine-making shop and a whitesmith shop. He fell in love with a halfling woman and joined her adventuring group. After about a year of that life, his lover betrayed him and the rest of the group to an evil wizard. He survived and returned to the city, but was thereafter serious and dour.[1]



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