An amulet of draconic might was a type of magical amulet created by the wizard Sammaster, they were used to great effect by the cabal of undead dragon-worshipers known as the Cult of the Dragon.[1]

Powers[edit | edit source]

When worn, the amulet increased the resilience of an individual and offered them limited protection from certain debilitating effects both magical and mundane in nature. If the wearer of an amulet of draconic might also bore one of the ring of dragons, the strength of these effects were doubled. In addition, they became immune to any fear effects that caused by dragons or dracoliches and were well-protected from their breath attacks.[1]

However the true power of the amulet was linked to the ritualistic process that was used to raise dracoliches from the corpses of deceased dragons. A person wearing both an amulet of draconic might and a ring of dragons was granted the power to command the powerful undead beasts, in a similar manner as clerics commanded lesser undead. This ability to compel undead dragons could be used in universal manner or selectively to issue orders to individual dracoliches.[1]

Undead dragons were aware they were being controlled but were utterly helpless to act in any matter other than how they were commanded.[1] Chromatic and other evil-aligned dragons were similarly compelled by the powers granted by this pairing of powerful magical items, but could resist their collective effects. The true power of the amulets were seldom used on living dragons; if it failed the dragon became fully aware of the identity and location of the individual that attempted to place them under their will.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

It was believed that the command powers provided by the amulet of draconic might, along with one of the ring of dragons, was responsible for the flight of dragons that occurred in the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR.[2]

Creation[edit | edit source]

There were only six known amulets in existence, and their creation was a well-kept secret of Sammaster. Details regarding the specifications of their crafting were encoded within the original Tome of the Dragon, though its whereabouts were unknown to anyone in the Realms for a significant length of time.[1]

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