An Ching Wang was a kensai in Shou Lung in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


An Ching fell in love with Chien Jang Liang and when he abandoned the Wang Ho School of martial arts she decided to follow him while seeking a way for him to redeem himself. She was also encouraged to follow her heart by a White Lady of Kwan Ying.[1]

Some time later following her betrothed An Ching Wang arrived in Chunming where she became one of the first women to serve in the Emperor's guard. She ended as one of the Chunming spaceport's guards, really appreciate for her being approachable and willing to share information that was not considered secret by the government.[2]


An Ching was charming and petite but also deadly.[1]


An Ching loved Chien and followed him. This act enraged her brother Ju Huo Wang.[1]



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