Anadian halflings were a subrace of halflings native to the polar regions of Anadia, the closest planet to the sun in Realmspace. They did not exist anywhere else in the known crystal spheres.[1][2]


The halflings of Anadia had very dark skin, hair, and eyes.[1] Their vision was adapted for the extremely bright environment of Anadia due to its proximity to the sun, which caused them to have difficulty seeing in less brightly lit locations.[2]


Anadian halflings were a people of extremes. They felt deeply about every subject, and acted accordingly.[1] A cautious people, they were loyal to their family units and to their society, strongly opposing any outsider influence that might disturb their way of life.[1]


In combat, Anadian halflings were ferocious, in particular when defending their homes. They were highly resilient against magic and poison, as well as extremely silent and clever. They typically wore non-metallic armor and favored handaxes, short swords, and daggers.[1]


The Northern Polarate of Anadia held 13 counties, of which only four were friendly to spelljamming vessels. Each county had between 10 and 30 villages, each inhabited by 50 to 500 or more halflings. The central government body of the North was a council of 39 members whose responsibility was to ensure the individual freedom of the halfling population. Northern halflings were very prejudiced against other races, which they referred to as "sub-halfling".[1][2]

The Southern Polarate, however, lived in a state of constant civil war between the several halfling clans. The ruler at any given time was the strongest family, who became the law of the land while its power held. Violence and mistrust dominated southern Anadian society.[1][2]


Sometime in the 12th century DR, an infectious disease brought to the planet by a spelljamming crew killed about 30% of the population of the Northern Polarate. The halflings of most counties in that region became extremely paranoid of spelljammers and fired at them on sight.[2]

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