The anadjiin were predatorial creatures that lived in the deserts of Anadia, the first planet of Realmspace.[1]


An anadjiin had a vaguely humanoid appearance, with a tough reptilian hide and a long tail, which served to give the creature balance. Their hands had six fingers with extremely sharp claws. Their heads had a highly vascularized crest similar to that of a stegosaurus that served to disperse heat, so they could survive in extremely hot environments, and featured insect-like eyes that allowed for all-around vision.[1]

Their powerful jaws were their most unusual feature, however. Armed with sharp teeth, they were positioned vertically, with the chin split in two halves on either side of the mouth. Their bite was so powerful that the only way to release a creature caught in it was to kill the anadjiin and break the jaw.[1]


Anadjiin hunted during the day. When pursuing a single target, they usually attacked with their powerful bites, but, when facing several opponents, they changed their strategy by concentrating their attacks on the weakest opponent in an attempt to scare the others away.[1]


Anadjiin were very caring and protective of their own families, but it was not unusual for them to eat their own young should food become scarce. Different families collaborated with each other to find food and never fought with each other to compete for it, instead equally sharing their rewards for the common effort. They never overhunted any area and were considerate of the ecological balance, only hunting the most widely available prey and avoiding rare creatures. For that reason, anadjiin never hunted humans on Anadia, but were known to do so if transported elsewhere.[1]



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