Analyze portal was a divinatory spell used by arcane spellcasters in the Realms.[2] Clerics of Eilistraee or Shaundakul who mastered the portal domain could also cast this spell.[4]


Upon casting this spell, which took a full minute, the caster could sense if the area within a cone of 60-foot radius contained any portals. If portals were present, the caster could continue to concentrate and analyze each portal to learn its properties.[2]

The caster would instantly know the size and location of a portal within the area of effect. As successive seconds passed, the caster would learn new properties, depending on his or her power, in the following order:

  1. the command word or key required to operate the portal,
  2. specific circumstances under which the portal could be used,
  3. the directionality of the portal,
  4. other special properties, such as being creature-only or random, and finally,
  5. a visualization of to where the portal led.[2] Each realization was similar to the sensation of recalling a forgotten memory.[5]

One could not extend the effects of other divinatory magics through the portals being studied.[2]


The spell required verbal and somatic components and the use of a lens made of crystal and a small mirror, which were consumed in the casting. Clerics who could access this spell instead used their holy symbol as a focus.[2]


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