Ananta was a dragonborn who served as the Guardian of Dracowyr in 1479 DR.[1]


Ananta was able to breathe acid.[2]


Ananta possessed a powerful magical staff granted to her by the dragon Princes of Murghôm. It gave her access to spells powerful enough to subdue any dragon and enhanced her acid breath.[3]


Ananta was rescued from a presumably nasty fate by the blue dragon Skalnaedyr, and she swore fealty to him ever since. Skalnaedyr made her Guardian of Dracowyr.[1] Her role as Guardian was to attend any dragon who wanted to parlay with the rulers of Murghôm, and contact with her master if such an event happened;[3] and to make sure neutrality remained sacred in Dracowyr.[4]

In 1479 DR, she fought and lost against the vampiric smoke drake Brimstone when he appeared to parlay with the princes of Murghôm. However, he allowed her to live with the condition that she helped him to contact Skalnaedyr.[2] After the blue dragon accepted to play in Brimstone's xorvintaal, he tasked Ananta to help the drake in his duties as referee of the game.[5]

Ananta was released from her service to Brimstone when the vampire dispelled the magic that bounded dragons to play xorvintaal.[6]




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