Anathar's Dell was an inn located in southern Daggerdale.[1]


The establishment was nestled between Serpentsbridge to the north and the Spiderhaunt Woods to the south.[1]


The Dell was settled by the dwarven Clan Brightblade, two old human families—Blacklock and Talop—and two half-elven families—Snowgold and Winterwood.[1]


In spite of its size and relative exposure, Anathar's Dell was surprisingly well defended. Firstly, the farm family's borders were protected by ten or more trained hunting cats, which were fiercely loyal and attacked any non-humans or demihumans that got too close. Thanks to the dwarves, the farm folk were outfitted with arms and armor (ranging from chain mail up to plate mail) and could all be equipped rather quickly. In addition, the Dell had a few "secret defenses", among which included a potent sleep gas that was developed by the dwarves. The townsfolk become immune to its effects over many years of exposure resulting in a combination that often surprised many bands that thought the Dell easy prey.[1]

These defenses gave Anathar's Dell a reputation that helped to ward away would-be bandits, a reputation further enhanced by the protection of Those Who Harp. Word spread far and wide of the Dell's strong defenses, even to the Moonsea.[2]





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