An ancestral mound, or ancestor mound, was a holy place of utmost important to the tribal peoples of Faerûn.[3]


Every Uthgardt tribe had an associated mound, which was fixed at a specific location. Here, they believed their founders of tribe were buried,[1] and worshiped totems, particularly during Runemeet.[4] An altar mound, carved into the shape of a tribe's totem beast, was placed in the centre of an ancestral mound.[1]

Multiple tribes could share their ancestral mound, such as the Black Lion tribe and Red Tiger tribe, whose ancestral mound was Beorunna's Well. Other known mounds were: Raven Rock, the Great Worm Cavern, Flint Rock, Morgur's Mound, Stone Stand, Shining White and the Grandfather Tree.[5][6]

Most family groups, or clans of a specific tribe, would live only a few weeks trek from their ancestral mound.[7]

Importance to ShamansEdit

Tribal shamans could cast spells on such a mound to bring forth a ghostly apparition of an ancestor. Doing so was very beneficial, but also somewhat risky. Shamans who were not wise enough could become subject to the uncontrollable wrath of the ghost. However, if controlled successfully, the ghost could be made to guard the ancestor mound, or tell the shaman ancient tribal secrets.[8]

When shamans of a tribe would pass away, their relics, as well as their remains, would be buried in the mound.[8]



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