Anchorome (Ang-kor-OH-may) is the far western continent of Toril. It lies roughly 3,000 miles (4,800 km) west across the Trackless Sea of the Sword Coast, or about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) west of Evermeet. Anchorome is directly north of Maztica.

History from the Heartlands viewpointEdit

Anchorome was first discovered by the famed explorer Balduran, who returned with great wealth. These riches were used in part to build a wall around the fledgling city of Baldur's Gate. Apparently, he came back to Anchorome only to meet his death, certainly killed by Poscadari.[citation needed]

Shorty after the Golden Legion reported the discovery of Maztica in 1361 DR, Duke Entar Silvershield decided to find Anchorome. He quickly assembled a fleet of 20 ships, led by the Flaming Fist and sent them west.

This expedition met with disaster, beset by problems such as plagues and storms. They eventually made it to Helmsport in Maztica and then turned north. Soon they had found the shores of Anchorome and they anchored their 15 ships off the coast. Unfortunately, this put the fleet right above the sahuagin nation of Itzcali. The expedition lost a third of their numbers in the sahuagin attack, though they drove them off and headed further north.

It was here they found the ruined fort that is said to be the final resting place of Balduran and his crew. Soon after that discovery they were attacked by savage elves and large whale-like beasts. The expedition lost all their ships in the attack and had their number reduced to less than 100. They quickly retreated south and set up Fort Flame in the Bay of Balduran, a location that is far south of Balduran's actual resting place. A small group made it back to Helmsport and then to Baldur's Gate.


Its best-known inhabitants are the Azuposi, as well as the defunct Esh Alakarans' and, in the mid lands, the Poscadar elves (Shamanic, savage wild elves attacking anyone on sight. They are so xenophobic they did not even speak with the ambassador from Evermeet. All attempts at communication have been so far useless). There is also a sahuagin realm called Itzcali located in the sea nearby. It is speculated that Anchorome is the land where the Creator Races known as the Aearee retreated a long time ago. It is rumored that several tribes of thri-kreen make their home in Anchorome's western regions.

Location NoteEdit

In the scholar's view of Abeir-Toril, Anchorome is the "Unknown Land" just north of Maztica.



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