The Netherese of old knew Amaunator, the great sunlord, whose light whose oder filled the world for an age. We know him now as Lathander. For centuries we have thought of Lathander as a god of morning, but his glory now ascends to its noontime height. Just as the sun brightens while it climbs into the sky, so will Lathander's glory and radiance grow as resumes the glory and mastery that were his of old. All who worship him will see an end to this long night in which we live.
  — Andar[1]

Andar was a cleric and sunmaster of Amaunator.[1]

He organized a torchbearer service, employing orphans, to light the ways of citizens moving about in the dark. His torchbearers often brought him news of unlawful things occurring in the darkness, which he sought to deal with.[1]


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