Andareunarthex, aka Dareun, is a young Green dragon and a player of the game of Xorvintaal. In 1479 DR he made the audacious move of entering Waterdeep and establishing a lair in an antiquaries shop the Trades Ward, outside the range of the Ahghairon's dragonward. His ultimate goal appears to have been domination of Waterdeep.[1]

Clytemorrenestrix (Nestrix), a Blue dragon who had been changed by the spellplague into a woman and her companion Tennora Hedare broke into Dareun's shop and stole a magical mask on behalf of Aundra Blacklock. Dareun tracked Tennora back to her apartment and attacked her. When Nestrix showed up during the confrontation he recognized her as a dragon and assumed she was a fellow player of Xorvintaal who was making a move against him. Dareun subdued Nestrix and teleported her back to a hideout in the sewers. He agreed to free Nestrix if Tennora would steal the Song Dragon's Choker, a relic that allows the wearer to escape the effects of the dragonward. Dareun double crossed Tennora and attempted to have her killed. He then kidnapped the son of Nazra Mrays, one of Waterdeep's masked lords and the keeper of the Dragonstaff of Ahghairon which makes any dragon who touches it immune to the dragonward.[1]

Tennora enlisted the aid of a bounty hunter who was tracking Nestrix and they found Dareun's lair in the sewers and freed Nestrix but Dareun escaped by teleporting with the boy to his shop in the Trade Ward. Tennora and Nestrix freed the boy and then fought Dareun at Nazra's mansion. Dareun was defeated and forced to flee Waterdeep.[1]


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