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Androsphinxes (pronounced: /ˈændrsfɪŋksÆN-dro-sfinks[6] about this audio file listen) were the males of the sphinx species.[5][3]


While they tended to be short-tempered and terse, androsphinxes possessed good-natured ideals and always attempted to do the right thing.[3]


Androsphinxes were physically very powerful creatures and had terrifying,[5][3] deafening roars that could be heard from miles away that could inspire fear in other creatures to such a point that they would become momentarily paralyzed. Those standing within 3 feet (0.91 meters) were liable to be deafened and even knocked over if small enough.[5]


These creatures had innate magical abilities,[3] with some being capable of casting clerical spells.[5]



These creatures were typically capable of speaking both their own unique language and Common.[5][3][1] Some were also known to speak Draconic[3]


Many andros shunned the company of their female counterparts, gynosphinxes, as they resented their greater intellects and neutral-dispositions.[5]

Androsphinxes were favored monsters of the elven deities Aerdrie Faenya and Solonor Thelandira, the dwarven god Vergadain, the Mulhorandi god Horus-Re, and the god Nobanion. They would sometimes send them as messengers to their followers.[7]




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