Angels, also known as the aasimon (pronounced: /ˈæsɛmʌnASS-eh-mun[3]), were celestials of varying humanoid form that hailed from any of the celestial planes. They were the traditional enemies of all manner of fiends.[2]

While properly, the term "angel" referred to a subset of celestials, those on the Material Plane helped by any celestial being might claim to have been "visited by an angel".[4]


Angels possessed comely looks and what appeared to be wholly physical bodies, though this was an illusion.[2] Angels all exhibited wings of some form, which they used to fly.[2]


Although not all angels were capable of seeing through the darkness unhindered, many were. Several were also immune to the effects of acid, cold, petrification, or somewhat resistant to electricity, fire, or poison. Angels were generally capable of speaking the language of any creature they came across, even if they did not know it inherently.[2]


All angels were honest beings, who found lying or cheating abhorrent. Likewise, it was against the nature of angels to steal from others and angels were typically honorable and trustworthy in all their dealings.[2]

Types of AngelsEdit

Warrior angels sometimes sent on missions to the Material Plane.
Celestial stewards of the gods. There were three different subraces of devas: astral devas, monadic devas, and movanic devas.[citation needed]
Mighty blue- or green-skinned warriors in the celestial armies that also helped powerful mortals on missions of good, particularly those that involved battles with fiends.[2]
The most powerful of the angels, usually close attendants to a deity or champions of some cosmically beneficent task.[2]


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