Angelo Dosan was a corrupt Flaming Fist officer who worked for Sarevok, briefly becoming the head of the Fist when Scar was assassinated and Duke Eltan incapacitated. He fell along with Sarevok in his final stand in the Undercity. He was also the father of the female warrior called Shar-Teel.


Gorion's Ward heard rumors about Dosan after they returned to Baldur's Gate following the accusation of the murder of Rieltar Anchev and Brunos Costak levied against them. If they let themselves be captured, then they were brought before Angelo, who wantonly sentenced them and their party to death by hanging and had them thrown in a cell to wait. However, if Shar-Teel had joined Gorion's Ward, Dosan would simply let them go.

Later, in the final battle, Angelo, equipped with a number of magic items including a ring of invisibility and arrows of detonation, rushed into the combat and released fireballs near himself, heedless of who was hit by them.[1]



Angelo Dosan only appeared in the non-canon Baldur's Gate computer game and not the canon novelization. Angelo Dosan is also not to be confused with the similarly named Angelo, who does appear in the novel.


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