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General Anglin of Seventon was a Netherese arcanist and a respected general in the Seventon militia.[1]


Anglin was constantly worried about defending himself and the town of Seventon from attacks. This defensive focus reflected on the nature of the spells he invented.[1]

Besides being a very well respected general, Anglin also ran a spellcraft school called the Summoned Sorcerer. In exchange for his teachings, he only asked pupils to serve in the Seventon militia for at least five years.[1]


Anglin invented many of the prismatic spells, such as prismatic sphere, prismatic spray and prismatic wall, always from a defensive point of view. He was also credited with the magic mirror spell as a means to watch out for danger.[1]

He was killed while researching for a new spell he would name Anglin's gateway. The accident sucked him into a mystic portal.[1]