A druid with a tiger companion.

Animal companions were beasts that were magically bonded to rangers and druids. They helped in fighting, scouting, and friendship.[1][2]

Beast master rangers and their animal companions shared a particularly strong bond. As both ranger and animal worked together as one for the same goals, some of the ranger's abilities improve the animal's natural skills, in a link that grew stronger as the ranger became more experienced.[2]

In case of a ranger's companion's death, a new bond could be forged with a different creature over a period of 8 hours, as long as the creature was friendly towards the ranger.[2]

Typical animal companions were no larger than a human.[2] They most commonly included wolves or badgers, but sometimes also boars, bears or even snakes,[2][3] as was the case with the dwarven druid Pikel Bouldershoulder.

Notable Animal CompanionsEdit



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