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Animate dread warrior, also known as animate dread warrior of Tam,[3] was a necromancy spell that created an undead dread warrior from the body of a deceased warrior.[2]


By casting this spell, a Red Wizard permenantly raised the corpse of a fallen combatant as a particularly powerful zombie warrior that was under their complete control.[2][3][4] Upon the death of the caster, the dread warrior was not destroyed, but rather became completely free of will.[1]


This spell was invented by the Zulkir of Necromancy, Szass Tam, in the year 1352 DR. It was exclusively used by the Red Wizard necromancers of Thay, who served directly under the powerful lich and his apprentices.[2][1]

Many dread warriors were created in the years leading up to the War of the Zulkirs, which ended in the year 1385 DR. The effects of its widespread use among Tam's necromancers could be seen in Thay for over the next century.[1][4]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required the corpse of a fallen warrior, who must have been dead for at least a full day before it could be raised.[2] Early versions of the spell required that preservation have been cast on the body prior to raising.[3] Later versions of this spell merely required the material component of a shard of a sword blade which had been broken in battle.[1]


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