Animate water was a simple spell common to the wu jen of Kara-Tur[5]—particularly those specializing in the element of water[1][5]—that allowed the caster to animate a small amount of water in a manner similar to animating an object.[1] In some worlds, druids[2] and shamans maintaining a relationship with a river spirit[7] also utilized this spell.


The caster could use this spell to animate, within a close range, an amount of water with a volume between about 500[2] and 900 gallons (1.8 and 3.4 kiloliters),[1][2][6] though some scholars of magic claimed that the maximum volume depended on the power of the caster.[6] The water would remain animated, as long as the caster concentrated,[1][2][6] for up to twelve seconds or longer, depending on the power of the caster.[1][2][6]

The animated water would attack whomever the caster designated,[1] behaving much like a small water elemental,[2] and crashing against an opponent like a little wave.[6] The caster could not shape the water but only control the direction in which it flowed.[6] The animated water could move about as fast as a human; it could move uphill but not up steep surfaces like walls or even stairs.[6]

The spell took a full six seconds to cast.[1][2] Animate water could not be cast at all within the phlogiston between the crystal spheres.[3]


The spell required verbal and somatic components and a material component—a mixture of pure, spring water and cinnabar oil in a small vial.[1][2][6]



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