Duchy Ankaram, formerly Ankramir, was the territory of Tethyr bordering Calimshan in the south.[4]


Ankaram was located between the River Ith and the River Memnon. It was bordered by the Sea of Swords in the west and the Forest of Mir in the east.[4][5]

The region was sparsely populated but included several well-guarded forts along the border, so Calimshan was cautious about ever attacking it.[4][6][7]

The duchy contained two counties, Calimmon[2] and Monteshi,[6] the latter of which included Monrativi Teshy Mir, an area of contention between Calimshan and Tethyr.[4]

Ankaram was the location of two of the most dangerous adventuring sites of Tethyr, the ruined cities of Shoonach[6] and Memnonnar.[7]


In 1369 DR, Duchess Vajra Valmeyjar ruled Ankaram, officially from her castle of Maratimmir, 30 miles east of the city of Myratma.[2]


Ankaram was given to Tethyr as a gift in −150 DR by Syl-Pasha Kamus el Tarshaj of Calimshan.[8]

Before the Tethyrian Interregnum, this duchy was known as "Ankramir".[2] After Queen Zaranda Star rose to power in 1369 DR, Ankaram was considered a part of the Principality of Ankramir, which also included Kamlann and the Purple Marches.[1]




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