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Ankh-Kephra was the Archmage of Thoth who resided in Waterdeep along with his wife Nephryt. After their deaths sometime before the mid–14th century DR, the spouses were interred within a tomb on the Dungeon Level of Undermountain.[1]


Ankh-Kephra was the complete opposite of his beloved wife. Kephra's anger and aggression contrasted Nephryt's kindness and understanding. They often bickered but loved each other nevertheless. Even after death, in his undead state, Kephra's thundering personality and threats welcomed any unwanted guests attempting to loot his tomb. Kephra hated grave robbers and opportunistic adventurers who occasionally visited his tomb in Undermountain and felt no remorse for their deaths at the claws of the guardians or devilish traps.[1]

Both Ankh-Kephr and Nephryt worshiped many gods of the Mulhorandi pantheon, with Thoth being his main deity of devotion.[1]


Ankh-Kephra and his spouse Nephryt were born in Mulhorand and eventually relocated to the City of Splendors, Waterdeep sometime long before the 14th century DR. They were accomplished wizards and built significant wealth. Kephra's move for his homeland led him to build a sprawling burial complex for his family according to Mulhorandi designs and traditions. The Tomb of Ankh-Kephra was constructed in Undermountain and was jam-packed with undead guardians, traps, and illusory walls to dissuade any attempts of grave robbing. He constructed the final resting place for his wife as well when her time came. Possibly via his magic, both of the Mulhorandi wizards received the gift of unlife together, within their secure crypt.[1]

At some point, one of the Mulhorandi artifacts, a golden scarab beetle, was taken from the tomb and ended up in possession of the noble Wands family of Waterdeep and remained with them for several generations. In 1370 DR, the sacred scarab was returned to Ankh-Kephra and Nephryt after Marcus Wands stole the magical trinket and lost it to a two-handed troll in the Undermountain. The undead wizard sensed the item and used their magic to reclaim it. A lone Khelbenite adventurer was sent to retrieve the magical scarab and had to survive the dangers of the Tomb of Ankh-Kephra. The hero was greeted with Kephra's angry tirades and threats, while Nephryt's voice warned the adventurer of the tomb's dangers and begged for the quest's abandonment as they did not wish the adventurer's death. Subsequently, the Khelbenite found the way into the tomb's inner sanctum and faced both undead wizards. Ankh-Kephra wanted nothing but to be left alone, telling the hero that he was the scarab's true owner. However, his wife asked the hero to leave as the item did not rightfully belong to the Wands family. The hero agreed to leave the scarab with Ankh-Kephra. Still, to the hero's own surprise, the Mulhorandi wizards said that this choice was the correct one and admirable, rewarding the lone adventurer with the scarab and a selection of enchanted items from the wizards' vault.[1]



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