Annam All-Father was a giant deity and creator of the giant race.



Annam All-Father playing a game of wah-ree with Garyx

Annam came across the planet of Abeir-Toril at a time before the existence of dwarves, elves, and humans. He met and married Othea, who took the form of a mountain on the edge of the Cold Lands. They had children, who were not Annam's first (he had previously had immortal children), but they were Annam's first terrestrial children. His favorite sons were Lanaxis, Masud, Nicias, Obadai, Ottar, Ruk, and Vilmos, who all went on to form one of the main giant species, and his two-headed son, Arno and Julian, went on to become ettin, meaning "runt".[7] He also believed that Dunmore was his son, but this was not the case: Dunmore's father was Ulutiu.[8]

Giant traditions held that Annam stopped the Thousand Year War, after having convinced the dragon god Garyx[9] to settle the war with a game of wah-ree. So skilled were the two opponents that game ended in a stalemate, and the war came to an end.[10]

Annam discovered that his wife was having an affair with Ulutiu and killed Ulutiu as a result. He wanted to have another child who would be able to rebuild his kingdom of Ostoria after the war with the dragons, but Othea was so upset by the death of Ulutiu that she refused. Annam tricked her to get her pregnant, and the pair reached a compromise whereby the child would be allowed to live if Annam agreed to leave Toril until it called his name.[11]

It is unclear how Ulutiu returned to life, but he made a deal with Annam whereby the giant god would spare Othea in exchange for Ulutiu's voluntary exile. Ulutiu sank into the Cold Ocean with his necklace; the sea flash-froze into the Great Glacier. Othea planned to reunite with Ulutiu but was murdered for her adultery by one of her sons, who for reasons unknown to mortals could not venture onto the ice while his mother lived.[12]




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